PC Urban’s latest project in Mt. Pleasant – The Lightworks Building [Video]

SCM was recently given the opportunity to work with Cushman & Wakefield and PC Urban to produce a community focused video that showcases one of Vancouver’s most vibrant neighbourhoods, Mt. Pleasant.

The video utilises interviews from key stakeholders of the neighbourhood who share their love for Mt. Pleasant and why they feel it’s an ideal location for growing businesses. Those interviews, along with an extensive collection of video footage and animations of the area assisted in developing a well-rounded storyline.

Mt. Pleasant is one of Vancouver’s most diverse and fastest growing neighbourhoods. Amongst other things, Mt. Pleasant is home to a developing tech hub, a burgeoning craft beer scene and world-class film studios. For instance, major companies such as Hootsuite, Kit & Ace, Image Engine, James K.M. Cheng Architects have chosen Mt. Pleasant to be home to their headquarters.

Many businesses are gravitating towards Mt. Pleasant because it’s “close to transit and the city but far enough away that the rent is reasonable”, says Noel Pullen, Sr. Director, Technology at Hootsuite. In addition, it’s “one of the last neighbourhoods in Vancouver where you get the downtown skyline and mountains views” says James Cheng, Principal, James K.M. Cheng Architects.

Brent Sawchyn, Principal at PC Urban says The Lightworks Building “was one of the first high-tech buildings in the city of Vancouver, originally used to manufacture radios and radar equipment for the allied war effort” and by “retaining the facade, we are able to reimagine the building”.

To follow the development progress of the Lightworks Building, follow this link: www.lightworksbuilding.com

PC Urban, Cushman & Wakefield: The Lightworks Building

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