6 Benefits to Producing Animated Property Tour Videos

1) Cost saver & cutting edge:
The popularity of drones is exploding and there is no shortage of media attention surrounding them. Compared to a helicopter, the use of drones has drastically reduced the cost of capturing images from the sky.

2) Highlight Community Aspects:
Through animation, showcase proximity to cities, major transportation routes, districts, schools, nature and activities – or show investment information about the neighbourhood, such as vacancy rates, zoning, demographics and other market information.

3) Language Agnostic:
Through the extensive use of visuals, your message can be communicated without heavily relying on text. Translation for copy is also available.

4) Win listings:
When competing to win a listing, sellers have options. Add a new element to your pitch and clearly stand out from your competitors.

5) Leverage social sharing:
Get more out of a video than just sharing it with potential buyers. Share video online, through YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. These platforms give your brand exposure to more people and allow your video to become the centrepiece for online conversation, social sharing and word of mouth referrals.

6) Be a leader: 
Showcase that you and your company are ahead of the curve.




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